Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Not To Wear: Leggings as Standalone Pants

leggingsarenotpants.jpgJust because you can fit into something it does not necessarily mean that you should wear it. Discretion is key to being truly fashionable as it gives one the ability to ascertain whether or not a look works for their body type. After all, is not one of the main aims of modern fashion to create an ensemble that flatters the figure?

Why do I bring this up? Today as I was going about my day, I saw two of my chotto brethren wearing leggings as standalone pants. I know I have a whole post about how leggings are godsends, but that was was in regards to when worn as intended: foundation garments! For all of you unfamiliar with foundation garments: they are normally items meant to be worn underneath another item of clothing.

In the case of leggings, especially for larger fashionistas this means that it should be worn underneath a long sweater/shirt or a dress/skirt and not serve as a replacement for pants. Why? It more often than not emphasizes the not so sexy elements of the plus size frame when worn as standalone pants. I personally am part of the majority of people that cannot pull of this look, and that is why I always wear leggings as a foundation garment only.

awesomeleggings.jpgIf your intent is to emphasize the curves of your lower half you would be better served wearing something more akin to a pencil skirt in lieu of leggings as pants. It accentuates plus size curves in all the right places, and also provides the coverage needed to hide any negatives. I mean look at how great Stéphanie of Le Blog de Big Beauty looks to the left. It should be obvious that this is look is a win-win!

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