Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inside Out: Lingerie Inspired Fashions for Spring

"For lingerie inspired looks what matters is that you convey an idea of the unseen and allow the dream" - Stefano Gabbana (Marie Claire - March 2010)

Elegance and illusion are key to making this work this spring, and this is especially so in the case those with a bit of "junk in the trunk".


In order to pull it off, it is essential therefore to find the right balance to avoid becoming a burlesque caricature. Showing too much is sometimes difficult to estimate for a plus sized fashionista, as what it considered a little proportionally for us may be overboard in the opinion of the general public. Remember this is a look about sleek and subtle nods to their boudoir complements - so discretion in this regard is vital!

Caftan Inspired Looks

Caftans are not only one of the most enjoyable words to say in the English language, they are also an integral part of the lingerie category. Originally making their way into boudoirs from the Middle East they now have become a staple in lingerie. Their lose fit and intricate detailing make them a sure fire hit this spring.

Dorothy Perkins - Rise Asia dress: $54.00 (US Size 12 - 14)
Dorothy Perkins_RiseAsiaDress_DorthyPerkins.jpg

Dorothy Perkins - Rise Embellished Dress $46.00 (US size 12 - 14)

Warehouse - Embroidered Batwing Silk Top $77.00 (US size 12 - 14)
Warehouse_ EmbroideredBatwingSilkTop_ASOS.jpeg

Corset Inspired Looks

Corsets were essential as foundation garments for centuries - well until the bra was finally able to claim its rightful place in the market. Now this season, once again, they are cropping up as outerwear. This is a look that requires some discretion as it can look too costumey if done wrong, and that is why you want to work towards creating moreso the illusion of a corset than actually wearing one.

ASOS - Contrast Panelled Jersey Corset $43.00 (US size 12 - 16)

ASOS - Halterneck Body Con Top $43.00 (US size 12 - 16)

Cami Inspired Details

Camisole detailing is also making its presence known in fashion. Lacey elements about this season and add a touch of femininity and sensuality to almost every category of clothing. In short, it is one of the easiest ways to include some lingerie inspired looks into your wardrobe this season.

Karen Millen - Cutwork Vest: $77.95 (US 12 - 14)

ASOS - Crochet Trim Top: $43.00 (US Sizes 12 - 18)

ASOS - Lace Mono Two in One Dress: $74.00 (Us Sizes 12 - 16)

Sensual Hosiery

stylehive had this great pair of garter leggings by LnA listed as one of the ways to wear lingerie as daywear. Sadly, I was unable to find a comparable substitute in a plus size size range. There are, however, extremely sexy back seam and Cuban Heel thigh highs available in plus sizes in an array of colors/styles. (Cuban Heel hosiery are those items that have a back seam as well as a higher than usual reinforcement on the heel.)

Fredrick's of Hollywood - Color Band Backseam Thigh High Plus: $14 (1X-2X)

Hips and Curves - Cuban Heel Contrast Top Stocking: $7.95 (Queen)

Hips and Curves - Color Band & Backseam Stockings: $13.95 (1X - 6X)

Hips and Curves - Cuban Heel Sheer Lycra Thigh Highs: $7.95 (Queen)


If you are like me and thigh highs never stay up for you, I highly suggest investing in a garter belt. It takes the whole anxiety of whether or not your thighs are falling down out of the equation. Just make sure they are not too tight/short or else it will be an extremely uncomfortable fit.

Shoes: Flirty and Feminine or Tough Girl Chic

Elle suggests pairing lingerie-inspired separates with "shoes and bags embellished with flirty, feminine touches". Stylecaster, however, thinks that pairing these looks with "flat boots for a bit of contrast" helps "balance out the look". Either is a great choice, but for me I think that flirty and feminine complements the look best.

Manolo Blahnik - Raia: $995.00
Manolo Blahnik_Raia_Barneys.jpg

Christian Louboutin - Ernesta Bow: $875.00
ChristianLouboutin_Ernesta Bow_Barneys.jpg

Miu Miu - Bow Pump: $560.00
MiuMiu_Bow Pump_Barneys.jpg

Vera Wang Lavender Label - "Lynette" Satin Ballet Flats: $225.00

Valentino - Bow-detail Satin Sandals: $825

Love some of these items but sticker shock has got you down? Try and More often than not you can find something similar at a reduced price. All you have to do is enter the designer and product name and it should come up within the search, and from there it should only be a few seconds to find similar items.


  1. Lauren,

    I love the dresses above!!!

    I may buy the black one! :)

  2. You totally should. I bet it would look great on you!

  3. I love hips & curves! Their stuff FITS & is quality.

    Love your blog - going to link you on mine :)

  4. Diana.

    Thank you so much again for visiting the blog and linking me! I'll do the same tomorrw - it has been a long snowy day.

    Hips and Curves for me is hit or miss. I think I need to pay more attention to the measurements for the lingerie with the bra built in, because it is always a bit snug. The hosiery tho is a favorite of mine!