Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fashion in the City: Summer Escapes

Some people believe New York is at its least fashionable in the summer. I mean it is true that the sweltering heat melts makeup, frizzes hair, and comfort overrides style. Even worse fashion week (depending on your POV) is either lone gone or far is also either long gone or quite a ways off to even consider serving as a distraction. There are, however, believe it or not tons of fashion events to attend if you find yourself without the means to distract you from the city's brutal summer heat.

Department Stores

Trunk Shows and the Like: These are events that are held at various department stores as well as other retail locations and are used to get potential consumers next to product. There are literally tons of them going on in the summer. Check New York Fashion Magazine's Event Calender and Daily Front Row Calender for constant updates. Free samples and fun activities such as tarot card reading at the recent Bloomingdale's Dior Magic Show event make it a win.
  1. 06/30/10: 12 PM Preview the fall collection from Lela Rose during a trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman. 754 Fifth Ave., nr. 58th St. (212-753-7300); 12–4.

  2. 07/01/10: Chat with Alexa Galler of Eighteenth, Heather Klar, and Xing Xu of Kallisti during We the People’s “Meet the Designers” series. Guests will also receive 10 percent off purchases throughout the evening. 156 Stanton St., nr. Suffolk St. (212-533-1091); 6–8.

  3. Through 07/04/10: Check out organic nail polishes and scented nail polish removers during Karma Organic’s trunk show at Henri Bendel. 712 Fifth Ave., at 56th St. (212-247-1100); 10–8.

  4. Through 07/04/10: Perfect your lashes and brows with a consultation from Shu Uemura’s expert, Soul Lee. Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave., at 59th St. (212-705-2000); M–F (10–8:30), S (10–7), Su (11–7).

  5. 07/13/10: 11AM DvF Fall 2010 Trunk Show, 872 Washington Street, NYC, 11AM to 7PM.

  6. 07/14/10: 12PM Sizzling Summer Beauty at Sephora, Complimentary makeovers with Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson. July 14 - Sephora Times Sq. July 15 - Sephora 5th Ave. July 16 - Sephora 34th St.

  7. 07/19/10: 6PM Bloomingdale’s 59 th Street unveils the brand new ASSOULINE in-store shop with a multiple Assouline author book signing. Various authors will be attending. Kelly Killoren Bensimon, author and former editor of Elle Accessories, who currently stars in the Bravo's hit TV series Real Housewives of NY. Robert E. Bryan, fashion journalist and historian living and working in New York City. Pamela Fiori, editor at large of Town & Country. Lisa Marsh, fashion industry veteran and self-professed foodie. She has worked on staff at Women's Wear Daily, DNR and The New York Post, and currently is a freelance journalist. (This event is worth it alone just to see Kelly's cray cray up close and personal.)

Sales: These are huge during the summer as stores have to make way for the fall stock. The most anticipated being the Barney's Warehouse Sale. I rarely hit the actual sale, because it is a madhouse and product is picked over. My plan of action is normally to go to Barneys a week before the Warehouse Sale. Items are already discounted to prep for the move and the merchandise selection is better in quality as well as selection. Also, no one can put on a price on avoiding the mayhem of the sale. Believe me no matter what you say to yourself - waiting till the end for the deal is just not worth it. Everything is just way too picked over and damaged.

Just a sidenote, but if you need to make space in your wardrobe stop by one of the Green Market locations to recyle your old items. Most items that get tossed into the trash go directly to landfills and the majority of these items will not biodegrade. GrowNYC has a stall there that collects items for textile recyling and donation.


These normally fill up quite quickly with tourists, but low and behold there are still a couple of events of interest to fashionistas. Thanks to the MET's American Woman: Fashioning a National Identitiy that I blogged about previously there are a couple of events that might be worth a visit.
  1. 07/17/10: 11AM Teen Festival Of Fashion: From Suffragists To Sirens, Spend a Saturday with Heiresses, Gibson Girls, Bohemians, Suffragists, Patriots, Flappers, and Screen Sirens in the exhibition American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity and enjoy a day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Join in fashion activities, including a style studio, a session with a perfumist, fashion films, and a special hunt in the galleries! And help us celebrate the winners of the T-shirt design competition at an award ceremony. Come dressed to walk the red carpet in your favorite T-shirt or as one of the American Woman archetypes. 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m., Carson Family Hall, Uris Center for Education, ground floor

  2. 07/06/10: 2PM American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity Films, Charles Dana Gibson: Portrait of an Illustrator (1997) Josiah Emery, director. Explores the origins of the Gibson Girl, the first popular image of the American woman (28 min.). The Flapper Story (1985) Lauren Lazin, director. Examines the social phenomenon of the flapper during America's 1920s (29 min.). These films are shown in conjunction with the exhibition American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity. Free with Museum admission. Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall, Uris Center for Education.
Fashion Events

Not everyone escapes to the Hamptons and as such there are still some fashion parties going on in the City.
  1. 06/28/10: Get $65 haircuts and $35 blow-dries at Mizu, where all proceeds will benefit HAIRraising, an initiative that raises funds for the Children’s Hospital of Boston. The day will end with a cocktail party featuring drinks from Ty Ku and hors d’oeuvres by London Lennie’s. Special guest Molly Sims will also make an appearance. 505 Park Ave., nr. 59th St. (212-688-6498); 8–6 (haircuts and blowdries), 6–9 (cocktail party). To book an appointment, e-mail To RSVP for the cocktail party, e-mail

  2. 06/29/10: BCBGeneration hosts the first installment of StyleCaster’s summer concert series, featuring an open bar and music from Beach Fossils and Mick Boogie. Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St., at Walker St. (212-584-5492); 9–11. To RSVP, add StyleCaster as a friend on Facebook.
Have any events that you want to add? Leave them in the comments. I'm always looking for something interesting to do!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friend Friday: Beach Rituals

Katy Rose of ModlyChic has sent around another round of questions for the Friend Friday project. This week: Beach Rituals!

- You're headed to the beach/pool, what's in your bag?

  1. Frozen Alcoholic Beach Provisions: I throw some Hendricks Gin ($29.99) and pineapple juice in the freezer the night before to ensure that it is frosty enough to beat the heat. At the beach, I mix my drinks in my Kleen Kanteen reusable water bottle ($19.95). It keeps the sand out and the drink moderately cool.

  2. Two Towels: One for lounging on the sand and one to dry after after taking a dip in the water.

  3. Clothing that is Not Optional: My Dita Supa Dupa Sunglasses ($225.00)
    (like the one featured from Kohls for $26.99) over my suit as a coverall, because they are much more functional than a coverup.

  4. Technological Necessities: My iPod touch serves 2 purposes. One is to entertain me while taking a break from frolicking in the ocean, and the second is the built in timer to ensure sunblock reapplication. Same goes for the wrist timer (like this one featured on amazon for $39.95) - that way if I am away from my ipod I know when to re-apply. I burn really easily so it is essential!

  5. Sunblock: Without it on the beach I'm toast. So I use Shiseido SPF 50+ Sun Protection Lotion ($38.25) for my face as it does not have that greasy texture other sunblocks have these days. I also use Aveeno Active Spray SPF 70+ ($10.99) for my body as it gets all the hard to reach places.
- Be honest... how do you feel about sunscreen? How often do you put it on?

It is essential for me or else I fry like bacon. Hence the timer. If I fall asleep and forget to reapply I get bright lobster red. Normally, if I reapply every 2 hours I am safe. Even waterproof ones require re-application too people!

- Do you have any sunburn remedies?

Aloe Vera gel of course. Kiehls Cucumber Toner (4fl oz for $11.00) works wonders. Oh and this weird Japanese thing that my husband's mother uses. It smells "interesting" but when I get a bought of super sunburn it takes the edge off. I also take some Vitamin E pills too to speed up the process.

- Do you use sunless tanning products? Which do you use, why is it your favorite?

Tanning in general is just not for me. I like how pale I am and work at it to stay that way. I also have super sensitive skin and as such I am pretty sure the products would irritate it.

Also, I tried bronzer once when it was really in to be tan. I looked ridiculous. It now sits in my makeup bag unused and forlorn.

- The best part about the beach is...

Not so much on the American beaches, but in Italy the chill of the water on a hot summer day.

When I was younger I studied abroad in Italy and my boys took me to the shore one day. The sand was pure as the driven snow and also white hot! I expected the water to be pretty warm too, but I was shocked when it was breathtakingly refreshing. I really miss it sometimes especially when the heat in NYC feels like the 9th level of hell would be preferable.

What are your beach rituals? I'd love to hear them. Leave them in the comments!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What to Wear: Janine Basil Fascinators

Phillip Treacy's Rose fascinator sure has been making quite the rounds. Seen on both Pam Anderson and Heidi Klum lately - Fashionista was forced to ask who wore it better?

The question that I wanted to ask in return is how would you wear it? I mean we all cannot be Sarah Jessica Parker at the Sex in the City Premiere (I or II - take your pick). So, how do we get by with including funky headwear into our wardrobes?

Janine Basil that's how. Based out of the UK and operating a little under a year this designer has been getting press all over the place. Sometimes, even the unlikeliest of places like gawker's scifi blog io9.

Funky and functional her pieces are all about taking a risk and having a bit of fun with your wardrobe. As you can imagine, she has so many amazing pieces on etsy I found it hard to decide which ones to include! I guess that should say a lot about her awesome collection - no?

Enough chatter, onto the headpiece porn!

  1. Tattoo Fascinator ($30.00): As long as it is 11-13 characters you can have whatever you want permanently "inked" on your heart tattoo. Can you think of a better way to commemorate your love - well I guess besides tangling with an actual tattoo artist's needle?

  2. Floating Pink Butterflies Fascinator - ($35.00): One of Janine's strong points is creating whimsical sculpted pieces. Take this piece in particular, one wrong move and this could have been a contender for regresty. Lucky for us, this piece came out nothing short of amazing!

  3. Pow Comic - Fascinator ($125.00): Finally a fascinator that does my enormous head justice. Covered in rhinestones this piece definitely screams personality, but do I have enough to wear it? I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Thoughts? Leave them in the comments.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to Wear: nOir jewelry

As you all know I am a huge fan of vintage and re-purposed vintage jewelry, but nOir JEWELRY may just tempt into buying some modern pieces. Founded about 14 years ago by Leeora Catalan and based in NYC, "Noir’s fresh and cheeky take on style blends glamour with an edgy street influence". In short, all the makings of a craveworthy collection - even for notoriously picky me.

There are so many amazing pieces in the collection, but here are just a few of my personal favorites.

  1. Goldie the Elephant Ring (5-7, 10; $175.00): This is what I love about nOir Jewlery - they take what I normally hate and make it into a must buy! I usually love my rings simple and sleek, but I just cannot help myself from falling in love with this elephant ring. Made of Cubic Zirconia and Rhodium plated brass this ring could seriously bring any outfit up a notch.

  2. Cactus Ring (Sizes 6-9; $135.00): Same goes for this unique piece. I know the design name references cactus, but what I love about is that it reminds me a flower just about to bloom. This adds a bit of mystery to the piece in my mind as you would never get to know the color or type of the flora about to burst onto the scene. Solid brass plated in 18K gold with Cubic Zirconia Stones as thorns this ring will be sure to add a bit of daring glamor to any occasion.

  3. Mercutio Bracelet ($60.00): I never have been much of a bangle person as I feel the design lends itself more often than not to bulky as well as cumbersome construction. This piece could not be any farther from that due to its elegant execution. It comes in several variants, but my favorite one shown here made of Gold and Rhoduim. The color combination and design being such an attention grabber this piece will be sure to turn heads no matter the destination or the pairing!

  4. Venus Necklace ($435.00): Statements necklaces are normally hit or miss. Designers more often than not miss that fine line between fashion forward and bejeweled baby bib in my humble opinion. This Austrian crystal cluster necklace in red thankfully escapes this fate. The gold plated brass metal finish coupled with the bright red crystals is edgy and sophisticated at the same time. This is also what prevents it from becoming dated as well as ensures that it can be worn with pretty much anything!
Any other indie jewelry designers out there that you love? Leave them in the comments!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love at First Sight: The One that Might Get Away

Has this ever happened to you before?

You are walking around a department store completely disinterested. Then all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye something grabs your attention. When you finally reach it you know that it is: THE ONE. That special piece you always needed to complete your wardrobe, but never knew it?

This happened to me just this weekend at Bloomingdales. I was wandering the store trying to recover a bit from the oppressive heat and humidity beating down on the city, and then I saw it. It was love at first sight.

I knew it was wrong and I was going to wind up burnt, but I just could not help myself. This dress was everything everything I had ever fantasized about and more. The blue was bold, the material a stiff yet supple poplin, and the design itself was just as quirky as I am. The only problem with this DVF dress? The largest size was a 14. Even though I knew to expect as much my mind was still reeling. There was no way I could squeeze into the dress.

Then it hit me - didn't Dianne Von Furstenberg sell dresses online in a size 16? Maybe. I could not remember for the life of me. So, I kept hope alive and sought out the Tonnes Dress I so desperately wanted on DVF's website. It only went up to a size 14 and for some reason was paired with a studded belt.

Now I have 2 choices. One is to let the dream of that dress die or torture the hell out of myself for the next two months to get to wear it. I say this all just having eaten pancakes for breakfast, so I guess you all know what the safe bet is readers.

Any of you have a "one that got away" story to share? Leave it in the comments.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What to Wear: I see London, I see France

- Christian Dior, The Little Dictionary of Fashion

I was stopped dead in my tracks when I read this the other day. It made me slightly ashamed of my own undergarment collection as there is no way I would consider them refined. Even though these various bras from Target and Victoria's Secret perform their function, they do truly leave something lacking in that regard. I vowed to do something about this immediately, but I wanted to go beyond the banal purchase from Townhouse. I wanted something with a little personality but still refined, which is hard to find when wear a larger cup size.

Here is what I found dear readers! I hope you love these pics as much as I do. Also, since I tend to be on the larger side I did my best to include those items that go up to a D and beyond DD+!

  1. Agent Provocateur - Fenella Bra (Sizes 32A-36E; $170.00): Sleek straps, cream satin, and black crepe! What more is there is to ask for in bra that manages to be cute and sexy at the same time? I love how low cut it is and often times as it is extremely difficult to find that in larger sizes. This one is definitely my favorite out of the bunch for what it is worth!

  2. La Senza - Maria Bandeau Bra (Sizes 32A-38F; $32.54): The straps on this in the DD+ sizes skew to the larger side, yet they still refrain from being a huge impediment in regards to wardrobe choices. This bra is a fantastic buy as it could be paired with everything from a Tshirt to a sexy top. I mean gives someone a bigger confidence boost than hiding titillating undergarments in plain sight.

  3. Kiki de Montparnasse - Muse Corselette Bra (Sizes 32A - 36D; $275.00): My favorite part of this piece is that the clasp is in the front. I know its intended purpose is to make it easier for nocturnal activities or maybe a bit of afternoon delight. For me, it is such a great selling point as I could imagine easily slipping it on in the morning when I am struggling to get out the door. Trust me guys sometimes even us girls have a hard time getting those things on/off. The unfinished look of the design reminds me of old time corsetry, which I am sure is the point when you consider the name of the design.
Oh and I thought I would pass along this helpful tip while I was at it. Many times I have been able to find my cup but not the corresponding band-size necessary. That is where these babies come in: Fashion Forms - Soft Back Bra Extenders ($12.00). You can pick them up at Victoria's Secret and most likely your local drugstore as well.

Thoughts? Places to shop for amazing bras? Leave it in the comments.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friend Friday: Nails

Katy Rose of ModlyChic has sent around another round of questions for the Friend Friday project. This week: Nails!
  1. Do you keep nail polish on your fingers and toes year round?

  2. My great-grandmother told me that hands tell a woman's story and as such they should always dazzle. Fast forward to me today with chipped nail polish, ground down stubs of nails, and shredded cuticles. The only way to avoid this is to go to the salon every week to have them done, because for some reason I lack the gene to put on nail polish. Problem is: I HATE WAITING FOR THEM TO DRY. It is like seriously pulling out teeth to get me in there to have them done.

    So short answer: no.

  3. What are your go-to colors for the fingers and toes?

  4. When I do manage to drag myself into the salon to get them done I either opt for deep purple or off kilter colors. Call me crazy, but natural light pink does not do it for me. I mean we all know it is fake anyway - so why not have some fun with it?

    That is why my new obsession is Minx nails. You can literally have any pattern, shade, or tint under the sun. No subtle mistakes here that only you can notice and drive you a bit mad. Just pure perfection, but it has it's price just like everything else and you guessed it is a high one. Bliss charges $55 for the Minx Manicure, but you can find other locations using Minx's website. Oh and even better? You can order all sorts of different patterns off of the website.

  5. Any tips for strengthening your nails?

  6. I break mine none stop (stress), but what keeps them coming back for me is vitamin supplements. Seriously, selenium is your best friend. Whole Foods actually has a supplement to help stimulate nail and hair growth too!

  7. Do you have any nail 'rules' you abide by? (things like toe and finger colors must match, should never be the same, trim them all if one breaks, I dunno...)

  8. Rules I live by:

    • No fake nails on toes: Just imagining accidentally breaking one off makes me want to kill myself.

    • No gels/acrylic/tips on hands: these never look good - maybe calgel is the exception to the rule. You always have enough time to make your hands look decent just give yourself two weeks before the big event!

    • Always wear polish to special events: I just feel it is part of the whole package of getting ready for a special occasion.

    • If you are going wear nail art: Go all out! It is obviously fake, but there is something charming about it when it is slightly insane looking.

  9. How often, if ever, do you get a manicure and/or pedicure?

  10. If a special occasion is coming up I tend to go bi weekly to get my hands into shape for the big day. If not, then whenever the desire hits me really. Weekly if I am in one of my must have nice hands periods. More often than not tho, these piggies remain unvarnished.
What are your nails does and don'ts? Leave them in the comments!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where to Shop: Wine Edition

I love wine, but hate what normally passes for it in a social gathering. More often than not it is nothing more than food coloring with splash of rubbing alcohol and grape juice. I try not to blame my hosts as many times the poor selection is the result of being led astray by the store they frequented. This has even happened to me on occasion and I was really pissed as I upped my normal purchase price for a special occasion.

I mean a bottle of 2 buck chuck may be passable in a sangria (key word: MAY), but drinking it as-is is a no go for me. My mom likes to say it is because I am snob or a yuppie that I demand more out of my wine drinking experience. Personally, I just think I just demand the most bang for my buck. That is why I find it absolutely essential to find a store with a great selection and price point.

My favorite's on the Upper East Side/East Harlem where I live are:
  1. Mr. Wright Fine Wines and Spirits (1593 Third Ave; between 89/90): This is my go to store for everything. They have hard liquor as well and they deliver to my house. The salespeople know their wines and overall I have never been disappointed with my purchases.

  2. My favorite wine from here is a sparkling Shiraz called The Chook ($15.99). It has a great textured and sweet flavor that goes pretty much with everything. If you love Lambrusco you will adore this!

  3. Astor Wines and Spirits (399 Lafayette Street; at East 4th St): I used to go here when I worked downtown every once in awhile. They have so much wine and if you snag the right person you will wind up with a great bottle. I love to use them for parties for that very reason. Also, they have these amazing wine education classes and ship all over the USA.

  4. My favorite selection from here is surprise-surprise a sparkling wine! Scu Do's Prosecco Brut ($8.99) is what I use for toasts or for after dinner/desert drinks. It has such a great light but sweet flavor, so it goes over well with dessert or on its own as a post dinner treat.

  5. Vinyl Wine (1555 Lexington Ave; between 99th and 100th): This one just opened up in my neighborhood and I stopped by yesterday. Where I live literally there was nowhere to buy a decent bottle of wine within walking distance. Ok, Mr. Wright is within walking distance but it is NYC - I want a stone's throw god dammit. I was a little leery that it might be like Best Cellars (bleck), because they were pretty heavy on the design aesthetic. (It is pretty awesome by the way - just made me wonder if they were light on wine like BC.) I was happily proven wrong upon entering the store when I was greeted with great price points and awesome selections! The best thing about the store hands down (well besides the wine) is the speaker lined cash register.

  6. I bought a bottle of red for I *think* $14 or so and it was absolutely fantastic. Also, they have quite a bit of organic wines and now come to think of it the one I bought was organic too! (If you are interested it is called L'Alba).
A bit off topic I know, but as it says in the header I am a "weapon of massive consumption". Well, especially when it comes to wine.

Got any great places to get wine from? Leave them in the comments!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What to Wear: Let's Get Physical

I recently quit my internship to hire gig. They wanted one thing and I wanted another. Simple as that. It was a bit nerve wracking, but nowhere near as much as being in the process of looking for a new job. So, I have decided to invest that energy into going to the gym. It was either that or fall into the daytime "stories" trap, and I figured at least this will get me caftan ready for the summer.

One of the things I hate most about the gym is the outfits. Well, that is not entirely true. The thing I hate most about the gym is being forced to move without the end goal either being pouring myself a glass of wine or grabbing a cookie. That is a whole another issue entirely, however, and not the point of this post.

It seems like people either wear pajamas or some threadbare outfit that belongs in an 80s/90s workout montage. Maybe they change after their workouts? I just cannot do this as I run errands after and I hate the showers at Crunch. So, when I suit up for the gym I try to put together something that is fashionably casual and appropriate for gym.

Here is an example of the look I try to go for:

  1. Athlea - 2 Layer Support Tee (Sizes XXS - XL; $49.00): I love the way this drapes in the front and also how it adds a bit of modesty with the backing. My chest is rather large and sometimes workout tops show more than I mean too when I'm at the gym, so this is a blessing. Also, the color just pops!

  2. NIKE - Dri-Fit Be Bold Ultra Low-Rise Women's Capris (Sizes SM - XXL; $50.00): Capri workout pants are heaven sent for those people like me that are short and have a bit of junk in the trunk. My waist/bottom ratio is so off that things just slide down or don't make it over my hump. These look like they would fit perfectly and more importantly stay put as well as not cause me to trip and die on the treadmill.

  3. GAP - Pocket Cardigan (Sizes XS - XXL; $44.99): I kind of hate hoodies, because they never lay right on me. My chest is rather large and the fit of these just make my chest look like one large lump. That is why I normally wear sweaters over my workout gear. It serves the same purpose and makes my outfit seem less sporty. I love the color of this cardigan and the little pocket is adorable. What more is there to say - but buy it!

  4. PUMA - Women's Speeder Sneaker (Sizes 5.5 - 11; $62.00): As you all know, I am not a huge sneaker fan. When forced to don them, I prefer my shoes to be lightweight and also light on the tech. This sneaker from PUMA is heaven sent in that regard, and it is even dare I say it cute?!

  5. PUMA - Fitness Lux Workout Bag ($62.95): Another bane of my existence is the gym bag. They are usually for lack of a better word - hideous. So much so, that when I got to the gym I normally just sport my Longchamp Nylon tote similar to this but in all green. This bag, however, may get me to reconsider because it seems to be a bit more functional and surprisingly fashion forward.
Know any great brands or items for the gym? Leave them in the comments!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nerdgasm: colette x DC Comics

Nothing like writer's block to totally prevent any progress being made in the blog-o-sphere. I think watching Bridezilla has something to do with it. Seriously, that show is where all creative thought goes to die. I mean have you seen some of the weddings that are cranked out?

Luckily, I came across the colette x DC comics collection created to mark DC's 75th anniversary. It was damn near impossible for it not to break me out of my writing funk as it combined 2 of my most favorite things in the world: fashion + scifi. As you can imagine, I had a total nerdgasm!

My favorites were the ones that were inspired by the imagery, but didn't dwell on it or try to shoe horn their re-imagining onto it. They just let it happen and it turned out amazing.

  1. Repetto x DC Comics - Ballerina Shoes (US Sizes 6 - 9; $251.14): Taking their inspiration from The Flash these flats are essential for any fashionista trying to make a mad dash across town. These gold lightening accented red flats will be sure to stand out amongst the sea of standard black flats out there. Also, seeing as they are from Repetto you are guaranteed an amazing comfortable fit!

  2. Alexis Mabille x DC Comics - Joker Bow Tie ($167.43): The name just about spells out this item's inspiration. Though more menacing than jolly this bow tie is still nothing short of adorable. Or maybe my version of cute is just as warped as that of the Joker?

  3. Karl Lagerfeld x DC Comics - Gloves (Sizes 7-7.5; $591.97): Green Lantern does not exactly jump to the forefront of your mind on first glance, but these gloves are amazing. The more you look at it the more it becomes clear that these were inspired by GL iconography. Lagerfeld after all is known for his amazing ability to tap into iconography to create pieces that use the mythos as building blocks for his own amazing ends.

  4. Lanvin x DC Comics - Tee Shirt (FR Sizes M - XL; $179.98): Combining the seriousness of Batman with the cuteness of a pug is just the type of insanity that always keeps calling me back to Lanvin. No one else could have managed to capture the seriousness of Batman and the absurdity of comics better!
The ones I was not too fond of either lacked the creative spark or just did not understand where to go with the iconography. Interestingly enough, these pieces were those inspired by characters with the most clear cut imagery associated with them - Superman and Wonder Woman.

  1. Maison Michel x DC Comics - Headband ($275.06): This piece inspired by Wonder Woman's tiara just falls flat for me. You all know I am obsessed with headpieces so I was excited to hear there was one included in the collection. I am also a huge Wonder Woman fan, so this should have been a slam dunk. Maybe you just need to see it on?

  2. Pierre Hardy x DC Comics - Bag ($1793.06): This was the only piece in the collection I absolutely hated. It just seems so unnecessary and poorly designed. It is supposed to show the duality of Clark and Superman personas, but overall it just looks like they slapped the logo on a bag they had in production. I mean it could have been a really interesting piece since you know Clark/Superman had to constantly change clothes!

  3. Julien David x DC Comics - Scarf ($382.69): Inspired by Superman's logo this item was borderline for me. I just feel like they could have done more with it than make a scarf that looks like I could have bought it at 6 Flags Great Adventure.

  4. Sonia Rykiel x DC Comics - Dress (US Sizes 6 - 8; $1076.31): This dress seriously is a disappointment. I really do not know where to begin, but it takes all of the awesome out WW and replaces it with twee. Sonia Rykiel is about the softer side of femininity and I get that - but this was just not a good match up. There is just no excuse when the end product looks like a bastardized version of Sailor Moon cosplay design.
This post has brought me to another point. I think there are tons more people out there like me that love sci fi and fashion. I mean love her or hate her Lady Gaga is practically the walking representation of it! So, every once and awhile a scifi post might pop up amongst all the great fashion dish. I hope you don't mind dear readers!