Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to Wear: nOir jewelry

As you all know I am a huge fan of vintage and re-purposed vintage jewelry, but nOir JEWELRY may just tempt into buying some modern pieces. Founded about 14 years ago by Leeora Catalan and based in NYC, "Noir’s fresh and cheeky take on style blends glamour with an edgy street influence". In short, all the makings of a craveworthy collection - even for notoriously picky me.

There are so many amazing pieces in the collection, but here are just a few of my personal favorites.

  1. Goldie the Elephant Ring (5-7, 10; $175.00): This is what I love about nOir Jewlery - they take what I normally hate and make it into a must buy! I usually love my rings simple and sleek, but I just cannot help myself from falling in love with this elephant ring. Made of Cubic Zirconia and Rhodium plated brass this ring could seriously bring any outfit up a notch.

  2. Cactus Ring (Sizes 6-9; $135.00): Same goes for this unique piece. I know the design name references cactus, but what I love about is that it reminds me a flower just about to bloom. This adds a bit of mystery to the piece in my mind as you would never get to know the color or type of the flora about to burst onto the scene. Solid brass plated in 18K gold with Cubic Zirconia Stones as thorns this ring will be sure to add a bit of daring glamor to any occasion.

  3. Mercutio Bracelet ($60.00): I never have been much of a bangle person as I feel the design lends itself more often than not to bulky as well as cumbersome construction. This piece could not be any farther from that due to its elegant execution. It comes in several variants, but my favorite one shown here made of Gold and Rhoduim. The color combination and design being such an attention grabber this piece will be sure to turn heads no matter the destination or the pairing!

  4. Venus Necklace ($435.00): Statements necklaces are normally hit or miss. Designers more often than not miss that fine line between fashion forward and bejeweled baby bib in my humble opinion. This Austrian crystal cluster necklace in red thankfully escapes this fate. The gold plated brass metal finish coupled with the bright red crystals is edgy and sophisticated at the same time. This is also what prevents it from becoming dated as well as ensures that it can be worn with pretty much anything!
Any other indie jewelry designers out there that you love? Leave them in the comments!

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