Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nerdgasm: colette x DC Comics

Nothing like writer's block to totally prevent any progress being made in the blog-o-sphere. I think watching Bridezilla has something to do with it. Seriously, that show is where all creative thought goes to die. I mean have you seen some of the weddings that are cranked out?

Luckily, I came across the colette x DC comics collection created to mark DC's 75th anniversary. It was damn near impossible for it not to break me out of my writing funk as it combined 2 of my most favorite things in the world: fashion + scifi. As you can imagine, I had a total nerdgasm!

My favorites were the ones that were inspired by the imagery, but didn't dwell on it or try to shoe horn their re-imagining onto it. They just let it happen and it turned out amazing.

  1. Repetto x DC Comics - Ballerina Shoes (US Sizes 6 - 9; $251.14): Taking their inspiration from The Flash these flats are essential for any fashionista trying to make a mad dash across town. These gold lightening accented red flats will be sure to stand out amongst the sea of standard black flats out there. Also, seeing as they are from Repetto you are guaranteed an amazing comfortable fit!

  2. Alexis Mabille x DC Comics - Joker Bow Tie ($167.43): The name just about spells out this item's inspiration. Though more menacing than jolly this bow tie is still nothing short of adorable. Or maybe my version of cute is just as warped as that of the Joker?

  3. Karl Lagerfeld x DC Comics - Gloves (Sizes 7-7.5; $591.97): Green Lantern does not exactly jump to the forefront of your mind on first glance, but these gloves are amazing. The more you look at it the more it becomes clear that these were inspired by GL iconography. Lagerfeld after all is known for his amazing ability to tap into iconography to create pieces that use the mythos as building blocks for his own amazing ends.

  4. Lanvin x DC Comics - Tee Shirt (FR Sizes M - XL; $179.98): Combining the seriousness of Batman with the cuteness of a pug is just the type of insanity that always keeps calling me back to Lanvin. No one else could have managed to capture the seriousness of Batman and the absurdity of comics better!
The ones I was not too fond of either lacked the creative spark or just did not understand where to go with the iconography. Interestingly enough, these pieces were those inspired by characters with the most clear cut imagery associated with them - Superman and Wonder Woman.

  1. Maison Michel x DC Comics - Headband ($275.06): This piece inspired by Wonder Woman's tiara just falls flat for me. You all know I am obsessed with headpieces so I was excited to hear there was one included in the collection. I am also a huge Wonder Woman fan, so this should have been a slam dunk. Maybe you just need to see it on?

  2. Pierre Hardy x DC Comics - Bag ($1793.06): This was the only piece in the collection I absolutely hated. It just seems so unnecessary and poorly designed. It is supposed to show the duality of Clark and Superman personas, but overall it just looks like they slapped the logo on a bag they had in production. I mean it could have been a really interesting piece since you know Clark/Superman had to constantly change clothes!

  3. Julien David x DC Comics - Scarf ($382.69): Inspired by Superman's logo this item was borderline for me. I just feel like they could have done more with it than make a scarf that looks like I could have bought it at 6 Flags Great Adventure.

  4. Sonia Rykiel x DC Comics - Dress (US Sizes 6 - 8; $1076.31): This dress seriously is a disappointment. I really do not know where to begin, but it takes all of the awesome out WW and replaces it with twee. Sonia Rykiel is about the softer side of femininity and I get that - but this was just not a good match up. There is just no excuse when the end product looks like a bastardized version of Sailor Moon cosplay design.
This post has brought me to another point. I think there are tons more people out there like me that love sci fi and fashion. I mean love her or hate her Lady Gaga is practically the walking representation of it! So, every once and awhile a scifi post might pop up amongst all the great fashion dish. I hope you don't mind dear readers!

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