Friday, June 25, 2010

Friend Friday: Beach Rituals

Katy Rose of ModlyChic has sent around another round of questions for the Friend Friday project. This week: Beach Rituals!

- You're headed to the beach/pool, what's in your bag?

  1. Frozen Alcoholic Beach Provisions: I throw some Hendricks Gin ($29.99) and pineapple juice in the freezer the night before to ensure that it is frosty enough to beat the heat. At the beach, I mix my drinks in my Kleen Kanteen reusable water bottle ($19.95). It keeps the sand out and the drink moderately cool.

  2. Two Towels: One for lounging on the sand and one to dry after after taking a dip in the water.

  3. Clothing that is Not Optional: My Dita Supa Dupa Sunglasses ($225.00)
    (like the one featured from Kohls for $26.99) over my suit as a coverall, because they are much more functional than a coverup.

  4. Technological Necessities: My iPod touch serves 2 purposes. One is to entertain me while taking a break from frolicking in the ocean, and the second is the built in timer to ensure sunblock reapplication. Same goes for the wrist timer (like this one featured on amazon for $39.95) - that way if I am away from my ipod I know when to re-apply. I burn really easily so it is essential!

  5. Sunblock: Without it on the beach I'm toast. So I use Shiseido SPF 50+ Sun Protection Lotion ($38.25) for my face as it does not have that greasy texture other sunblocks have these days. I also use Aveeno Active Spray SPF 70+ ($10.99) for my body as it gets all the hard to reach places.
- Be honest... how do you feel about sunscreen? How often do you put it on?

It is essential for me or else I fry like bacon. Hence the timer. If I fall asleep and forget to reapply I get bright lobster red. Normally, if I reapply every 2 hours I am safe. Even waterproof ones require re-application too people!

- Do you have any sunburn remedies?

Aloe Vera gel of course. Kiehls Cucumber Toner (4fl oz for $11.00) works wonders. Oh and this weird Japanese thing that my husband's mother uses. It smells "interesting" but when I get a bought of super sunburn it takes the edge off. I also take some Vitamin E pills too to speed up the process.

- Do you use sunless tanning products? Which do you use, why is it your favorite?

Tanning in general is just not for me. I like how pale I am and work at it to stay that way. I also have super sensitive skin and as such I am pretty sure the products would irritate it.

Also, I tried bronzer once when it was really in to be tan. I looked ridiculous. It now sits in my makeup bag unused and forlorn.

- The best part about the beach is...

Not so much on the American beaches, but in Italy the chill of the water on a hot summer day.

When I was younger I studied abroad in Italy and my boys took me to the shore one day. The sand was pure as the driven snow and also white hot! I expected the water to be pretty warm too, but I was shocked when it was breathtakingly refreshing. I really miss it sometimes especially when the heat in NYC feels like the 9th level of hell would be preferable.

What are your beach rituals? I'd love to hear them. Leave them in the comments!


  1. OMG - I'm in LOVE with the first photo. I'm a pug mommy and adore all pugs! Too cute.
    XO Piper

  2. It is a cute one isn't it? Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Excellent ideas! I am totally on board with the coverall cover-up and I always already approve of anything gin-related, especially Hendrick's.

  4. A girl after my own heart! It certainly is the best in my opinion!

  5. This is a great post... I'm liking that you take alcohol to the beach

  6. I got into the habit in Europe where I took the train everywhere. Then once I sold my car and moved to NYC and started to take the train everywhere I figured why not? It saves $ and certainly makes the day more relaxing!