Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What to Wear: Janine Basil Fascinators

Phillip Treacy's Rose fascinator sure has been making quite the rounds. Seen on both Pam Anderson and Heidi Klum lately - Fashionista was forced to ask who wore it better?

The question that I wanted to ask in return is how would you wear it? I mean we all cannot be Sarah Jessica Parker at the Sex in the City Premiere (I or II - take your pick). So, how do we get by with including funky headwear into our wardrobes?

Janine Basil that's how. Based out of the UK and operating a little under a year this designer has been getting press all over the place. Sometimes, even the unlikeliest of places like gawker's scifi blog io9.

Funky and functional her pieces are all about taking a risk and having a bit of fun with your wardrobe. As you can imagine, she has so many amazing pieces on etsy I found it hard to decide which ones to include! I guess that should say a lot about her awesome collection - no?

Enough chatter, onto the headpiece porn!

  1. Tattoo Fascinator ($30.00): As long as it is 11-13 characters you can have whatever you want permanently "inked" on your heart tattoo. Can you think of a better way to commemorate your love - well I guess besides tangling with an actual tattoo artist's needle?

  2. Floating Pink Butterflies Fascinator - ($35.00): One of Janine's strong points is creating whimsical sculpted pieces. Take this piece in particular, one wrong move and this could have been a contender for regresty. Lucky for us, this piece came out nothing short of amazing!

  3. Pow Comic - Fascinator ($125.00): Finally a fascinator that does my enormous head justice. Covered in rhinestones this piece definitely screams personality, but do I have enough to wear it? I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Thoughts? Leave them in the comments.

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