Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventures in Editorial: Boho Magazine

Have you ever heard of Boho Magazine? I didn't until the other day when I was engaged in the oh so glamorous activity of press book assembly at my job. In a nutshell, it is Vogue for the eco-minded. Now, I know images of super crunchy styles are dancing around in your head but stifle the groan and give it a chance. I am glad I did, because besides it's commitment to the environment it also has a groundbreaking way of speaking to readers.

Enough preaching though, because I want to talk about the article that inspired this post: french forecast. It had a list of the current trends percolating in Paris right now, and I looked at it as a challenge for a post for the blog. After all chic eco clothing is in short supply after all - especially in larger sizes!

French Forecast: The Trend List

1. belted organic knits



1. Gaiam - Open Vest (Sizes SM - XL; $35.00): Mad of bamboo and organic cotton this piece of knitwear would go great over pretty much anything. Also, it would look adorable belted!

2. Dianne Von Furstenberg - Kezza Leather Belt (Sizes SM - XL; $140.00): Unfortunately, I could not find a green or a vintage belt to complement the outfit. I did, however, come across this amazing DVF belt the complements it wonderfully. How to address the eco-conundrum associated with the purchase? Purchase credits at Carbon Fund to offset the impact of your purchase!

2. borrowed from the boys



3. LA Vintage - Polly Plaid Vintage (Size One of a Kind; $42.00): This vintage nerd chic blazer is great way to build the borrowed look. It is vintage which means no impact on the environment and you have to love its kitsch appeal

4. Silhouettes - Simply Me Organic Cotton Knit Shirt (Sizes: XL - 3X; $39.00): The length of this button up enhances the borrowed look by playing on size differentials. Being made of organic cotton also does not hurt, but do note it is a blended piece.

3. classic french



5. Emma Watson for People Tree Organic - Stripe Dress (US Sizes 4 - 12; $59.18): Not being a big fan of the classic french horizontal stripe this one was more than bit challenging. I did, however, track down this dress designed by Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. Pair it with a pair of white leggings and I think it could "technically" be considered a modern take on classic french.

4. cosmetics color



6. American Apparel - T-Shirt Dress (US Sizes XS-XL; $30.00): American Apparel and feminine beauty do not normally go hand in hand, but in this case it works. This shirt dress made of organic jersey is the same color as the peaches/pinks (according to Boho) currently trending in Paris, and to boot is just plain adorable.

7. Athlea - Gemini Sweater (Sizes XXS - XL; $59.99): Of course, the shirt needs something over it being American Apparel. (We all know how thin those shirts are after all, and I'm not one to advertise my bra shade.) This sweater would be a great complement. It's creamy color is not only another color trending in Paris, but also a great way to offset the brightness of the AA piece.

5. no sweat



8. Adidas by Stella McCartney - Track Top (Sizes 2 - 12; $210): Biking is big with the french, but they apparently are not satisfied with traditional training gear. The search was on for me to find fashionable athletic gear and I found it in Stella McCartney's capsule collection for Adidas. Made of organic grey cotton and more poncho then hoodie, this is what I would wear if I ever could manage to get my bike down the stairs of my hovel of an apartment building.

Any suggestions on how to improve the looks? Like it or Hate? Let me have it in the comments.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fashion Inspirations: Jem and the Holograms

Today is an outfit post to end them all. I was looking for inspiration pretty much everywhere to find something extra special, since I am having trouble finding time to post on a regular basis. Then while cruising polyvore it hit me: Jem!

I loved Jem so much when I was younger and I still even remember the theme song! I swear that show is probably responsible for the more way out there elements in my wardrobe today. Below is my modern take on a Jem outift - I hope you don't find it truly outrageous! ;)


Modern Day

1. - fancy flower power ($350.00): This headpiece is to die for and even though there are exact duplicate of the hairpiece featured - I just think this is a more modern and luxe way to pull off the look.

2. Garland - Diamond Star Stud Earrings ($1,920): Granted they are not red stars as Jem wears, but they are pretty close. Plus, at this price tag you need high rewear value to justify the purchase!

3. Gemma Redux - Mixed Chain Necklace ($398): Pearls for me are so 80s in a bad way, and so I kept the look modern with this mutli colored chain necklace. I think its a great update on the traditional long pearl wrap too!

4. ASOS - Mesh Waterfall Babydoll Dress (US Sizes: 4-16; $64.25): I looked high and low for a dress that even came close to the one featured in the shot above. I was about to give up - that is until I cam across this dress.

5. Christian Louboutin Fred Flats ($565): I decided to change it up from the featured flats to these, because you know what I'm sure Jem would approve!

6. We Love Colors Lilac Tights (Sizes XS-3X; $15.00): What more can I say? I tried to match the shade as closely as I could, and the good people at We Love Colors obliged as usual.

7. Proenza Schouler - Silk Mini Bag ($1,165): I saw this bag in Elle and I knew it was perfect for the Jem outfit homage. Its funky without being overpowering, and it definitely complements the look.

I might make this a regular feature based on characters/icons that have influenced my style in the future. Well, that is if I ever find more time to blog on a consistent basis!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bounce Back from a Bad Cut

As I wrote earlier this week, I got a horrendous hair cut that seriously put me in a tail spin. I know a lot of people would not think it a bad haircut worth getting into a tizz about, but trust me if you saw it you would understand. The worst part, I feel about the horrendous cut, is the betrayal.

I mean if you are like me: you do your research on a site like yelp, do a drive by preview of the salon, and then spend time deciding how to describe what you want. Exhausting yes, but I and like many of you out there take my hair maintenance perhaps a bit too seriously. Then again, how many mistakes besides the odd tattoo that can not be covered do you have to show to the world on a daily basis?

So, having done all that I decide to take the plunge at a highly rated salon with only a few bad reviews. I figured "I have done my due diligence there is no way this can go wrong", but I made a fatal mistake. I overlooked the fact that fthe only thing more common in NYC than out of work crappy actors are unskilled "hairstylists". Seriously, it is like the street is littered with them!

Flash forward to the day of my appointment: I leave the salon knowing I paid $90.00 to look like "someone had a seizure cutting your hair and did not bother to finish" as a dear friend put it. As you can imagine, I was sincerely pissed off as the salon owner/stylist complemented me on the cut! I should have known that when I left it was a dud when I stared into the mirror and looked confused. Sometimes, cuts take time to settle with you - I pleaded with myself. A couple of days later, however, I could no longer keep the delusion going. It became clear that this was not an issue of taste but rather an inept hairdresser hacking away at my mane.

The reason I bring all of this up is that we have all had this happen to us, but rarely anyone talks about how to fix it. Well, fret no more as I have some suggestions on just how to do that!

1. Call the salon: This is mostly for the brave of heart who believe that maybe it was just a miscommunication that caused the mistake. I, personally, have never done this as I am the type of person who gives second chances. Some, however, swear if you invest that much in your hair you should for the price tag alone. Others think its best to give a stylist a second chance as they now know what does not work for you.

2. Dye your hair: Sometimes, a color and a cut just do not mesh well at all. In my situation, a dye job helped salvaged the situation. I went from light to dark and presto chango it became less hideous. One important thing to note is that when you can - USE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS. It is very easy and inexpensive to do this at home, and the results are normally x10 better than store brands. Just make sure you know what you are doing!

3. Deep Condition: My hair sees a lot of action from blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hairbands/ties, and dye jobs. The cut, unfortunately, highlighted the current state of distress of my hair. After dying it to combat the horrendous haircut, I deep conditioned it every week and now its glorificus luster is back.

4. Change styling products/methods: I had to learn a whole new way to style my hair to deal with the change. I went to Ricky's and Bloomingdales to scope out new products and tried them on my hair. Then I found two hours to sit down and try different styles. Time consuming I know, but if I was going to walk around with this mop it was going to have to look somewhat decent. I learned a lot in that span of two hours, and trust me I thank god every morning now that I took the time to do it.

Do you have any horror stories out there that you would like to share? Drop them in the comments!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion Cinema: Chloe

There are many reasons I haven't blogged lately, but I highly doubt you are interested in any of it. Suffice it to say, it was not exactly the best time in my life the past couple of weeks. In short, my best piece of luck was getting a hair cut that was best described by a friend as "someone had a seizure while cutting your hair and then didn't finish".

I did, however, get the chance to catch the film Chloe. Oh and was it awesome. It's like a haute version of a Lifetime movie. Though, since I call Liam Neeson my imaginary father I had to watch it regardless. Ok, maybe I should explain myself a bit before his reps send someone to my door with a restraining order. I did not grow up with a father, and when I saw him in Taken I decided that well if I were to have a father that would be the one I would want. So, ever since then he's been my imaginary dad. No, not bizarre at all.

Back to the main point, Chloe's costuming was AMAZING. Every scene with the titular character Chloe, played by Amanda Seyfried, was like turning a page in an impeccably styled and shot magazine. The movie may have its faults, but seriously this movie deserves at least a nomination for best costuming.

This jacket is amazing. I love the usage of the intense colors and dynamic print. I searched and searched for something comparable for sale, but the closest thing I could find was this jacket from Jones New York ($158.99, Sizes M-XL).

I also fell in love with this jacket as well. You can't see it that well, but it had this amazing floppy collar, which really feminizes the traditional trench.

The closest thing I was able to find to this jacket was this hooded trench from Ellen Tracy (Sizes 0-18). It is currently out of stock at Nordstrom's the only place I have been able to find it, and I think you can see why.

Then there is the scene with this dress:

This picture does not even do the dress justice. It justified the ticket price alone! It is a Zac Posen, which accounts for the constructed sexuality of the piece. Unfortunately, I could not find a comparable piece that shared both the spirit and the likeness of the dress.

This Jeweled Satin Cocktail Dress by David Meister ($520, Sizes: 14-24) at least captures the soft sexuality of the dress quite well, even though its not a carbon copy.

This Lace Top Satin Dress by Tadashi Shoji ($415.00, Sizes: 18-24), however, is closer to the original design of the Zac Posen dress in question.

Then of course there is one of the titular pieces from the film. Chloe's hair comb! I could not for the life of me find a still of a close up of it, but you can just make it out in this scene.

Rooting around Etsty, I was able to find a comb that I felt closely resembled the piece. If you like it, you better act fast or else I may be forced to snag it for my self!

This comb is made of sterling silver and made of russet horn and priced at $60.00. You can find it on Etsy via lsadoree's page.

Honestly, these are only a few of the amazing pieces to be found in Chloe. The weather seems pretty awful today and it would be a perfect way to brighten it up. Well, for the fashion elements anyway. The story isn't exactly uplifting.