Thursday, February 11, 2010

Invest in the Unexpected: Legwear

Pants, I swear to god, were created by the devil to torture those of us who suffer from both a shorter frame and wider girth. They never fit right as the waist either comes right up to your breasts, the crotch hangs too low and irritates the skin of the inner thigh, or they emphasize the paunch. On top of this, there is also the fact that no matter how hard you try when it rains or snows the bottoms become drenched.

That is why I currently only own two pairs of jeans out of necessity, and and only wear them when I absolutely have no choice. Why besides the obvious fit issues would I do this? Simply put, you can control the way the silhouette is constructed much better. Ditching pants as a sartorial choice, furthermore, allows you to recreate those lines that best suit your figure. Doing so also comes in handy for those times when by the grace of God when I am able to fit into straight sizes in dresses, and I need some additional coverage to make the item suitable for public.

Unfortunately, however, we all know that lackluster legwear options abound in plus sizes. There is hope though as Uniqlo and We Love Color sell boldly colored fashionable legwear for larger frames.

prod5I22.jpgWe Love Colors is amazing as you can get traditional tights, nylon/lyrca tights, and even fishnet stockings in any color your heart desires. They are also currently donating 5% of all sales to Haiti Earthquake Relief, which means indulging yourself might not be such a bad thing after all. These tights are warm and sturdy, which is key for me as I hate to wear pants and always manage to poke holes in my stockings. The nylon/lyrca tights are warmer and sturdier than the traditional tights, and I also I think the fit is a bit better than the tights as there is more give.

Speaking of winter, I know for some you are thinking I must be mad to be Team No Pants in winter. Especially, since I live in NYC and its not exactly known for its gentile winter weather. (Case in point: Yesterday's horrendous slush-o-pocalypse).

heattechleggings.jpeg Uniqlo has literally saved my life in this regard by creating heat-tech leggings, which not only keep out the cold but somehow help you keep warm by utilizing your body heat in a feedback loop. I have no idea how they work, but they do the job just fine. They also come in an array of colors, but of course I had to be boring and buy a pair in black. (I so regret this now). What I found even more surprising than them actually working as advertised was that even though they are a Japanese brand I still was able to fit into a women's large. It was at this point that I dared to dream that there was a God, because only he could have created an item so perfect for me.

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