Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let me introduce myself....



I just thought I should get the self aggrandizing that goes along with starting a blog over and done with right away.

Starting this blog was one of the hardest things I ever decided to do, because simply I didn't think that anyone would want to listen to any of my ramblings. Then there was also the whole issue of having to commit to it and actually develop content.

You are probably asking yourself at this point why did you even bother to continue reading... Wait don't go though! I'm just getting to the best part. THE CONTENT!

Fashion/sartorial blogs are a dime a dozen, but has there ever been one focused on my chotto sisters as I like to call it? I don't think so and if there is one out there I wish I would have found it by this point, so I wouldn't have had to constantly research where to get fashionable items in my size. Oh yeah, I should probably explain what chotto means.

About 6.5 years ago I met my significant other's mother. She is a tiny Japanese lady and I am for all intensive purposes a zaftzig midget. Saying she was shocked when she met me was an understatement. (We are besties now as far as our language barriers allow, and I like to affectionately call her baby kimono. That's another story for another time though.)The only thing she was able to eek out to her son (later when it was just the two of them) was that I was cute -- but "chotto....". In Japanese, that is equivalent of saying a little and in this context she was basically calling me out for being a little on the husky side. When he told me this later, I burst out into fits of laughter and ever since then I've referred to my grandiose curves as "chotto".

This is why when titling this blog I knew that chotto had be part of the title, because honestly I think it sounds a lot cuter than fatty. It also kind of reflects the type of spirit I want this little corner of the Internet to have: quirky and fun and a little bit out there. So, I had to think of a second part that would match the energy of the first and it hit me: coquette. Why did I chose that? At my heart, I'm a flirt and I could think of no greater descriptor for myself than a "chotto coquette".

I use my clothes to cultivate this persona of a chotto coquette in both the figurative and literal sense, and I thought maybe some of you out there in cyberspace do too. Just because we have some "extra junk in the trunk" doesn't mean we have to wear mumus and deny ourselves the pleasure of fashionable gear. It just requires that we a bit more creative, and that is what this blog is all about.

So, hold on tight dear readers. Be ready to laugh with me, cry with me, and at points threaten to punch me as we might not always agree.

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