Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Fiction vs. Reality: The Devil Doesn't Always Wear Prada

Fashion week has a lot of fond memories for me.

I met one of my most recent besties there about 1 year ago at the Karen Walker Show. (She's based in Paris now and has an amazing blog on vintage fashion. Check it out here.) The year before that I was an intern at Zero + Maria Cornejo and I helped coordinate their show as well. It was truly one of the most amazing and challenging times in my life as I got to learn all about the process of putting on a show.
I was lucky to get this opportunity at Zero + Maria Cornejo, because they are such an amazing brand. The designer Maria is extremely talented and has a choice story about a particularly famous fashion editor who shall remain nameless. I will not get into details - but in short she lived to tell the tale. That alone should give you some insight into the woman's talent and tenacity, which of course is very present in her designs.

The other reason I value my time spent at Zero so much is that it showed me fashion is not always about who you know or what you look like. It is very much about hard work, and that was all it took to get the position there. This was not always the case for me, as there have been multiple occasions in my fashion career where my appearance sunk my chances of snagging a position. This was such a non issue that they even had me do check in at the door at the show!

They also have been known to make their items in up to size 16 for special orders, which in my opinion reflects the abilities of Maria as a designer. Some people have to rely on hangers to make their clothes look great, but she does it by having the talent to create amazing designs.

Why do I bring this up today? I saw on twitter today that Bono had popped into their show and WomensWear Daily posted some pics from the show as well. It made me so happy to know that a brand with such vision and great people behind it are getting noticed.

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