Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Feet: Oxford Edition

I was leafing through Marie Claire and Lucky the other day and I nearly jumped for joy - Oxfords are in again!

For those of you not exactly clear on what an oxford is: it is "a basic shoe style that either laces shut or is closed with some other fastening". So basically, any shoe nowadays that has a lace-up but isn't a boot can be considered an Oxford. Why the distinction? Shoemakers first came up with it to differentiate between heel height, and wala a new category of shoes was born.

I love Oxfords so much because they really do go with just about anything: tights, socks, bare feet, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, etc. They are also a great way to take a break from traditional flats, which if you are like me essential to life as you walk everywhere. So, for me at least, Oxfords allow me to shake things up a bit in my wardrobe.

These are the styles I'm in love with right now:

Steven by Steve Madden - "Jezebell" Oxfords in Gold/Silver: $99.00

Joan & David - "Zena" Oxfords: $180.00

Forever 21 - Modern Patent Leather Oxfords: $24.80

Steven by Steve Madden - "Melin" Oxfords: $99.00

Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 - Lace-Up Oxford: $660.00
MaisonMartinMargielaLine22_Lace-Up Oxford_Barneys.jpg

Repetteo - Zizi Femme Patent Oxford: $270

Bloch - Wingtip Jazz Shoes: $175.00

Candela NYC - Duel-Tone Oxford: $188
CandelaNYC_ Duel-Tone Oxford_UO.jpg

Love some of these items but sticker shock has got you down? Try and More often than not you can find something similar at a reduced price. All you have to do is enter the designer and product name and it should come up within the search, and from there it should only be a few seconds to find similar items.

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