Sunday, May 9, 2010

What to Wear: Say Yes to the Dress

The weight of social occasions is especially heavy when you are plus sized. On the one hand, there is the whole anxiety of knowing more than likely you are going to be the heaviest one in the room. Then on the other hand, there is all the stress involved with picking out what to wear when you have limited options. All this negativity can get pretty overwhelming - that is if you let it.

I had a wedding to attend this Friday and as we all know there is nothing like that bit of extra pressure of seeing people that last saw you when you were 8 to send you off the deep end! How did I stave off the jitters associated with such an occasions? Planning. I sat down and planned every element of my outfit from hair, nails, dress, shoes, bag, and undergarments. Over the years, I have amassed some pretty lovely pieces so that I could avoid the whole dilemma of what am I going to wear.

Granted, not many people are like me and find it necessary to have several party frocks in their closets. Purchasing one is a great way to ensure that you always have a great go to outfit that makes you feel amazing. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than confidence after all!

Why I bring this whole point up is that I have been reticent to do outfit posts of myself. There is nothing like looking at yourself from a wrong angle, but sharing it with the world is a whole other can of worms. The fact is I chose to do it now to show how the power of planning can really diminish any qualms when it comes to body confidence.

1. Dress: I bought this orange dress years ago and it has never let me down. Fit wise its fantastic as it lets me shine in all right places, and color wise it never results in me meeting a color doppelganger.
2. Shoes: These are a pair of Ferragamo kitten heels that I bought ages ago for $99. Honestly, one of the best investments I ever made fashion wise as they will never go out of style and are extremely comfortable.
3. Bag: My little LV always steals the show. I had a larger one in rainbow, which I gave away years ago as it never meshed with my style. It was just a bit too ostentatious and overexposed for my tastes. I have no idea why I ever bothered to purchase it in the first place, but when I saw this item on net-a-porter I knew it had to be mine. Just enough flash to be noticed, but functional enough for everyday use.
4. Makeup: I had to purchase some Shu Uemura products to replenish my makeup stock, so I got my makeup done at their kiosk in Bloomigdales. It was honestly the best decision I ever made, because it was one less thing I had to worry about and I got something out of the deal. I never pay just to get my makeup done ever, because honestly it seems like a waste of money. Just find out what the price of the qualifying purchase necessary, check what you need in your makeup bag, and make an appointment. Honestly, it is the best deal ever. Oh and why yes I am wearing the lipstick from my previous post!
5. Nails: I like to be daring with nails as mine are really short. The blue contrasts nicely with the dress and keeps the whole outfit from being overly formal. It is an OPI shade, but the name escapes me as I got it done at salon.
6. Jewelry: I try to keep everything above the neck classic. These pearl studs are from Tiffany - a gift from my husband many moons ago. The heart shaped ruby necklace from Versani was in fact another gift from my husband. Oh and the blue topaz ring from Little Kings? Also, a gift from my husband. Jeez, I think I really need to go out and buy some pieces for myself. Otherwise, if he dies horrifically in a car crash or we have a nasty divorce - I'm going to have a box full of bad memories.
7. Hair: I got my hair done for the occasion at Blow, because I had absolutely no time to try and tame the beast. Plus, your hair sets the tone for your outfit and overall confidence level. If it looks like hell - you feel like hell. Thanks to the extreme hack job performed on my hair recently, it was a challenge but the stylist was able to make it look amazing.The only thing I regret is forgetting my undergarments at home. The tell tale bump in my tummy is ever-present in the pictures and I could have positioned myself better, but you know what I will remember years from now in lieu of that? What a great time I had and how gorgeous I felt!


  1. You looked stunning - I love the orange & your hair rocked :)

  2. Why thank you! It is a bit nerve wracking sharing that with the world! :)