Monday, May 17, 2010

The New Adventures of Old Jewelry

One whole week without a blog post! Seriously, I should be ashamed of myself dear readers.

I do have a small excuse for it though it was my anniversary! Also, I had to overhaul my garden. It was starting to look like Jumanji out there. Then on Friday, I was walking out of the subway and the sidewalk literally crumbled underneath my feet. I was flat on my back on 60th street and 3rd Ave in front of the movie theater across from Bloomingdales with my foot stuck in a hole. If a nice man did not stop to help me get it out - I may still be there right now. That little escapade garnered me a chipped foot bone and a inflamed nerve. As a good friend of mine likes to say, "my life is not real".

I did, however, work on a post about my anniversary gifts which were repurposed jewelry. It is one of my favorite category of accessories even though it is hard to find done right. Though when you do the results are truly amazing.

For my anniversary I acquired these two lovely pieces from New York based Lori McLean.

1. Locket Pendant Necklace by Lori Mclean: It is of Persian descent and was originally part of a watch fob. The store put the glitter in and it is something I plan to rectify soon. I love the mystery of the piece, because no one is quite sure what purpose it was originally intended. Poison? Photograph? Lock of hair?

2. Compass Pendant Necklace by Lori Mclean: This is a functional brass compass. My husband bought it for me as I am always a bit lost figuratively and literally. The coolest part about it is that it still works!

My other favorite place for repurposed jewelry in New York City is Pippin. I bought this amazing pin made from the remains of an old watch chain.

For those of you not based in the tri-state, fret not as there amazing finds on the web as well if one looks hard enough for these repurposed baubles.

4. Dardeila Aristocrat Revisited Statement Necklace by Voleuer De Bijoux ($85.00) - This piece is simply irresistible as it weaves the old with the new to create something beautiful. The repurposed items are the vintage oval links, link rings, and filigree pendants. I adore these types of pieces in particular, because they truly go with anything. From tshirt and jeans to cocktail dress - this piece would definitely have you covered.

5. Art Deco Rhinestone Dress Clip Necklace by Destash Rehash ($90.00): Oh this is the piece that I am going to regret not being able to purchase. It is pure perfection, but then again I am a whore for art 40/50s costume jewelry. I also love that the chain is a bit rough around the edges in comparison to the pendant. It is what keeps the piece casual enough for everyday life!

6. The Dichotomy Locket Necklace by Basil the Cat ($142.00): Ok I am cheating a bit by including this one as it just vintage and not repurposed, but it is such an amazing piece. I would be remiss if I did not share it with you dear readers. My only gripe is the chain, which I would switch out for something a bit more refined to better contrast with the piece. Then again, I am super picky about my chains!

7. prizewinner by pequitobun ($450.00): Made using vintage rose and horse broaches respectively this piece is a show-stopper. I would probably wear it without wrapping it and wear a simple short base necklace to balance it out. This is the type of item that requires a bit of hutzpah to wear, but I highly doubt you would regret it if you did.

Got any vintage finds that I should know about? Leave them in the comments!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your fabulous blog!! I love it!!

    Have a beautiful day!! xoxo

  2. I'm loving that campus necklace SO MUCH. it has so much personality and antique-y flair!

  3. thank you for including me, as well! i loved selling those two pieces to your delightful husband almost as much as seeing where they ended up! if you have a chance, please let me know what you end up stashing in the locket.
    lori mclean

  4. Thanks so much for including one of my necklaces in your blog. It's a cool blog! ;-)