Sunday, May 2, 2010

Painted Lady: In Pursuit of Glossy Perfection

Lately, a strange obsession has been creeping up on me. It all started when I began testing out various shades in Sephora to come up with a wet look red lipstick/gloss combo that I liked. I normally skew to more of the lighter shades of pinks when it comes to lip gloss as I am so absurdly pale, but the red look was trending and I wanted in on it.

I kid you not this little adventure made me fall in love with lipsticks/gloss all over again. It was fun discovering what combos worked and when I finally found the right combo it was like a choir of angels began singing. Okay, not really but I deal instantly feel a lot more confident breaking out of the light pink gloss ghetto.

This obsession with the red look, furthermore, has now blossomed into an affection for those stand out colors that people cry out "I love it, but I could never". Today, in fact, I just spent 45 minutes picking out the perfect combo to share with you all in this post in addiction to my famed red wet look. As Mikey said, try it you will like it!

After all, there aren't many obsessions that cap at around $40.00 that do not require rehab down the line.

The Wet Red Look

1. Rouge Dior: Creme De Gloss - Rouge Nectar #845 ($29.75)
2. Dior Kiss: Lip Gloss - Strawberry Smoothie #851 ($21.00)

The Wet Pink Look

1. Rouge Dior: Lipstick - Pink Preview #475 ($29.00)
2. Givenchy: Pop Gloss - Pop Rose #403 ($24.50)

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  1. I love the Rouge Dior: Lipstick - Pink Preview #475 best. Stunning!