Friday, May 7, 2010

Friend Friday: Mothers

I recently joined a group called Friend Fridays being run by Katy of Modly Chic. She sends questions and we answer them on our own blogs. Then we send them over to her for meta posting on her blog!

This week's topic: Mothers

1. Which character trait of your mother's do you hope to emulate?

When I was young, my mom told me once that there was no reason not to share as you could always get more. Rampant consumerism aside, this I think is one of the best lessons she ever imparted on me. Generosity is one of the rarer traits seen in this world today, and as such I could not think of a more desirable trait to want to emulate.

2. What are your thoughts on your mother's/grandmother's sense of fashion?

I love my mom, but I hate the way she dresses herself. She could look so much better if she took the time to invest in herself, but like a true mom she just does not have any time for that. One of these days, I swear I'm going to plan a What Not to Wear intervention for her!

As far as my grandmother is concerned, in her youth full on Doris Day and in her old age Annie Hall inspired fashions reigned supreme in her closet. Black was one of her favorite colors and she wore it almost everyday, and as the years passed on it became a staple in mine as well. She may not be around anymore, but everytime I don something black I think of her.

3. When you reach your 70's you want people to look at you and think...

There is no way you are in your seventies! I know with age comes wisdom, but I am not necessarily looking forward to the wrinkles. Then again this may be highly possible as I am going to be 26 soon and people still think I am 13 - 14 sans fards. Plus, as long as the medical advances in science do not turn us all into zombies - I am pretty sure it is a go.

4. What piece or pieces from your mom's closet would you like to incorporate into your own?

Tough question as I said fashion is really not her cup of tea. I mentioned this question to my husband and he said why not opt for her gun? My mother is an ex-police officer, and according to him a girl could not look hotter than when she is packing heat in a sexy dress. Is it any wonder he likes the Resident Evil games?

5. What I like best about my mother is..

Besides her generosity, I think her willingness to do whatever how uncomfortable when asked by her daughters. Most recently, she has agreed to go bungee jumping with my sister for her 22nd birthday. If that is not a superhuman level of dedication to the whims of your children - I have no idea what is!

Fashion wise if you want to know how me and my mom match up - this graduation photo speaks volumes. Also, I had a panic attack earlier that day hence my delightful expression!

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  1. "there was no reason not to share as you could always get more." - Love this advice! Thanks for contributing.