Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sartorial Watermark: Signature Style

Everyone has a signature piece. Something that they always wear all the time, a certain color they claim for their own, or even a certain style they purchase repeatedly. Over time it is something they become known for and it starts to become a bit odd if they don't wear it. I mean, remember the time Posh didn't wear flats?

What's mine? Black leggings. I seriously wear them pretty much every day and refuse to wear them in any other color. My husband once made a joke that if I was given a chance to design a legging collection a la Lohan I'd make them "in every shade of black imaginable".

Though, sometimes I do regret wearing them on days like today when they soak up the sun and crank the heat index up about another 10 degrees for me. I usually just grin and bear it. Now it looks like I no longer have to all thanks to Uniqlo's dry technology! It "combines breathable fibres with cross-woven nylon, removing sweat at the humidity level and keeping the wearer dry and comfortable underneath their clothes, whilst ensuring a smooth and silky feeling next to the skin". They offer wearers "superior drying action with anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties and ensuring dry confidence throughout the day".

I loved their heat tech leggings, so more than likely I will picking them up either today/tomorrow. I absolutely need a pair for the BBQ I am hosting this weekend. After all, nothing is more unfashionable than being a sweaty host!

Do you have a signature piece? Leave it in the comments!


  1. Black leggings are a staple item!! Good choice for a signature piece!
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  2. I see from your site you too are a fan of black leggings too! ;)