Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keds vs. Toms: There Can Only Be One

So, I feel like my face has been smacked with a 2 x 4 and I have officially run out of Vicodin. Please, all gods whether you consider yourself real or mythological let my dentist approve my refill.

My computer also had an accident and it looks like the monitor is about to break off. So, I am so not a happy camper right now. Like, I am even ignoring my dog because I seriously do not want to be bothered.

I do, however, have a question for you guys. I have to buy a new pair of knock-a-round shoes since my cat vomited on and ruined my favorite pair. (Seriously, what is up with my luck lately?) It is between a pair of Keds and Toms Shoes this time.

I normally do not wear sneakers. You all know that, but my feet have been killing me since I fell in that pot hole. They need a bit more support, so I have been seeking out sneakers that fit my long list of requirements. These ones somehow managed that. Now, how in the hell am I going to chose between them?

Keds - Champion Spectator ($60.00): I have a serious soft spot for Keds. I always will until the end of time or I die, whichever comes first. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the whole immortality thing via cyborg technology.) My grandmother loved them and wore them all the time when I was young. So, I mean how could I not be a little in love with the brand as well?

The shoes themselves are pretty interesting as they are a hybrid of an Oxford and a Ked. I love the leather accents, but cannot decide whether to go with black or red. I think the black ones look better, but the red ones are more interesting?

Toms - Aira Women's Cordones ($79.00): The reason I love this brand is that it all started with trying to find a way to put shoes the feet of the underprivileged. It works like this: the price of one shoe pays for the construction of two. Simple and effective - right?

I have, unfortunately, never really been a fan of their actual shoes. What can I say? I'm not a fan of the Espadrille. They have though recently introduced a style that has caught my eye - the Cordones. My favorite being the Aira Women's Cordones as I love the way the leather accents offset the shoe.

Trouble is I cannot for the life of me decide between the two styles. Also, I need shoes now! Well, not exactly at this moment as I've been home bound due to my extraction. I need them more so for when I heal up and join the human race once again.


  1. My cat recently harfed on my favorite pair of pink fuzzy flip flops. I was bummed :( Personally, I vote for the keds.

    I hope you got your pills & that you are feeling better.

  2. I wound up buying Cons instead. Totally defeating the purpose I know, especially since they are high tops.