Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What to Drink: Domaine Barnes Buecher - Dry Reisling

Another short post today guys. I thought I was getting over my cold turns out it was just lulling me into a false sense of security. I'm not sure if it is the heat or what, but I feel like insanity.

Though in attempt to feel more human I'd like to share something from better times. Recently, my significant other and I went out to dinner at Frankies 17 (17 Clinton Street; between Houston/Stanton) in downtown NYC. The food was amazing par usual, but what was even more suprising was how good the wine by the glass special tasted.

Rieslings are normally really sweet wines, and do not get me wrong I adore sweet. What sold me on this wine in particular, however, is that it was a dry Riesling. I didn't even know such a thing existed! The taste was nothing short of amazing.

- NOTE: This is the 2004 Label

Light and only ever so slightly sweet, Domanie Barmes Buecher Riesling (2007) is perfect for summer. Especially, on days like today when the heat practically demands you imbibe an ice cold beverage as a distraction. If you would like to find a store near you that sells this fantastic wine try Wine-Searcher, wineaccess, or snooth. It retails for $13.99 - $24.99, or you could save yourself the trouble and just stop by Frankies 17.

Hopefully, I will be better by tomorrow. I just think this heat is taking it out of me. Every time I go outside it gets 10x worse.

Thoughts on this wine or any other that might be perfect for the summer? Leave it in the comments.

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