Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Retail Therapy Goes Terribly Wrong

Yesterday was not one for the record books. If they ever do a lifetime movie version of my life I sincerely hope they leave that little episode out. I have never been so embarrassed/ashamed of myself in my life.

I had a major freak out in Isetan. Like to the point of almost breaking down in tears. A bit of context is probably necessary here. Isetan has this amazing plus size store, well it did anyway. I've been a couple of times so I was really pumped to be back in Japan and able to shop at the equivalent of Willa Wonk'a chocolate factory for plus sized fashion. (Isetan itself is a department store that has the style direction of Barneys, the penetration of Bloomingdales, and the white glove service of Bergdoff Goodman.) Unfortunately, the section I normally shop in had slim pickings and I could not shimmy into anything in other sections due to my bountiful bosom. I don't know if it was jet lag, all the family obligations (meeting people I don't know very is always taxing), or the language barrier. I just all of a sudden felt extremely overwhelmed and as a byproduct got extremely upset. So much so that I rushed out of the section and was extremely rude to the sales clerk. Ugh.

Even visiting the bag floor couldn't cheer me up. Well that is until I saw this amazing piece by Celine (which I would love to share but I can't track down a pic and forgot to snag one with my phone). Clocking in at over 170,000 Yen (more or less 2K in dollars), it was love at first sight and hearbreak as well as I was lacking the funds to procure it. I'm really not one for french brands in the handbag department as I feel they are always just a bit to "much" for me. I like my handbags utilitarian for the most part and I'm a stickler for leather quality (the Italians seem to be the only ones to really get it right in my opinion). Though every once in awhile I will fall in love with a French one. Last time it was a Chloe and it was the ONLY Chloe I have ever wanted in my life. Stupidly, I did not purchase it (would have required selling a kidney) and then they went in a completely different direction design wise.

I'm planing on visiting a vintage store later on in Shibuya. I'll let you all know what I find! Maybe I'll even track down that Chloe I've been chasing for years. I might also stop by Roppongi and see if I can track down that Celine bag for the sake of all you guys back home. I would go back to Isetan, but I'm not sure my obviously oh so fragile ego could take it!

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