Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walking on Sunshine: Dressing Down for the Weekend

I know there has been a severe lack of outfit posts lately. I apologize, but the nice weather combined with an interview I had totally took me out of my fashionista headspace. In addition, my computer has been eating posts left and right. Case in point it took me 3 days to get this up!

Enough of that though...on to the post!

The weather has been so lovely to the point where even strolling around the UWS with my husband is fun. I mean I have to enjoy it now before the torrential rains of spring come and are promptly followed by the scorching heat of summer. So, can I trust in you to forgive me my dear readers for neglecting to post?

There is a silver lining to my transgression, however, as I have been thinking about what best suits these lazy walks I have become addicted to in the past couple of days. I mean as you can guess by reading the blog I am not exactly a tshirt and jeans kind of gal, as such dressing down for me requires the retention of a certain amount of joie de vivre.

So, without anymore ado here is the perfect outfit to stroll about NYC in the springtime.

1. Banana Republic - Silk Habotai Panel Cardigan in Board Walk (Sizes: XS - XL): $98.00

I love the duality in this piece. The silk offsets enough to give it a funky look, but the cotton keeps it casual. Plus, I will not lie I am an ardent lover of the gray. Maybe I have just spent too long in NYC? Either way black and grey will probably today and forevermore be staples in my wardrobe.

2. Sachin + Babi: Solera Bracelet: $200.00

I adore the thrown together look of this bracelet. I feel it absolutely complements the whole structured thrown together look I go for on the weekends. It is strong enough to make a statement, but subdued enough to look effortless.

3. Lauren By Ralph Lauren - Marian Sleeveless Pleated Cotton Dress in Rose Garden (Sizes: 4 - 16): $150.00

The soft lines are what make this a winner in my book. I know I can just throw this on and ad a bit of fabulousness in my life after a hard week. It just seems so easy to wear and when paired with the sweater from Banana Republic - its plain effortless chic!

4. Roberta Di Camerino - Calf Leather Faux Belt Bag: $1744.00

My first ever official fashion show was in Milan at Roberta Di Camerino. My professor at the time had an in and somehow managed to score decent seats for my whole class to attend. I was studying in Florence at the time, and it honestly blew my mind. Roberta Di Camerino is somewhat responsible for the tuxedo tshirt as she "invented" the whole style of printing accessories on material. The show was amazing and the free champagne did not hurt either! So, I guess you can say I have a soft spot for the brand. Though I think it is hard to deny how great the bag pairs with the outfit - no?

5. Jill Stuart - Crystal Necklace: $348.00

I know a sequined kerchief is not exactly what you would think would go with this particular look, and that is the same reason I love it. It seems a bit out of place, but the more you think about it the more it belongs. The price is steep I know, which has kept from considering purchasing it. Sad fact is, however, the more I dance around it - the more I feel like I NEED it.

6. Eugenia Kim - Chloe Sequin Beret: $198.00

True story I was offered an internship by Eugenia Kim once upon a time to head up their PR department. I turned it down as I got another offer that paid, but I always regretted it. I knew it was a surefire job after I graduated too, but I was so focused on getting paid I shot myself in the foot. Why did I regret it? Well for one, they make insanely gorgeous hats that fit those with large heads! The other was the fact that I am still unemployed one year later. You live and you learn I guess?

7. Converse by Missoni: Call the Missoni Boutique on Madison for pricing - (212) 517-9339

Ok I normally hate when magazines list things without prices. I want to know now where and when I can buy things, but I fell so hard for these Converse by Missoni I could not resist including them. I am normally a flats persona and as such would rather chop off my own foot rather than wear a sneaker. Converse shoes are my achilles heel depending on who you talk are still considered the low end of the totem pole in fashion, but I beg to differ. I guess everyone has a chink in their armor and these are it. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that they are co-designed by Missoni redeems them a bit?

Thoughts? Comments? Bueller?


  1. Great finds - that crystal necklace is pretty amazing. But ouch - it's more than my car payment. LOL

  2. Diana.

    It photographs way better here:

    I liked it before - but now I love it! I'm just going to keep my eye on it and I suggest you do the same. Maybe a sale will creep along and put it in arm's reach for the both of us?