Monday, March 8, 2010

Brunch: The Most Important Meal Of the Day

The weather if you live in NYC has been amazing these past few days. I, personally, spent Friday afternoon on my patio with a blood orange mimosa in one hand and banana cupcake in the other. I guess unemployment has its benefits sometimes!

Mimosas, I have to note, are not just for celebrating they also go hand in hand with one my favorite meals: Brunch. I am in love with this meal as it is one of the few socially acceptable occasions to drink with breakfast. (One of the others being St. Patrick's Day Parade Days - case in point the bars in Hoboken opened on last Saturday at 9:00AM.)

I also love brunch because it is one of those magical times where chicness and comfortability go hand in hand. There was no better place to observe this then in the Meatpacking District at Markt. Sadly, however, it has since moved on and been replaced by an Apple Store. I have yet to find a place that I enjoyed as much, but my love of brunch is still going strong to this day.

If you ever caught me out on a Sunday my outfit would look a lot like something like this:


1. ASOS - Contrast Trim Ponti Blazer (US Sizes: 4 - 16): $85.47

I adore this jacket for two reasons: the red piping and the military inspired motif.

2. Banana Republic - Weekend Chino (Sizes: 2 - 16): $59.50

I normally hate pants with a passion, but brunch is one of those times that I never mind throwing a pair on. Maybe it is just the simple fact that after a night out I can't be bothered to wriggle into leggings or tights? I'm not sure. Plus, these ones actually look like they are midget friendly and as such I would not have to worry about the crotch being too long.

3. Fendi - 'Peekaboo' Satchel: $2,990

Oh this is definitely on my list for things to buy when I win the lottery. I like to chose clean simple lines whenever I invest in high end designer handbags, and this fits my requirements to a T. Why do I do this? A truly fashionable piece is timeless and I will not buy something in that price range if I cannot wear it at 75.

4. Thomas Pink - White Megan Women's Shirt Double Cuff (Sizes: 4 - 20): $250.00

I love button ups for brunch, because they can go from modest to sexy with a flick of a button. This one in particular is especially stylish and versatile due to the double cuff on this one and black piping.

5. Melissa by Vivienne Westwood - Rubber Ballet Flat: $130.00

Flats are essential for brunch for me at least, because afterwards I normally have to traverse the city to take care of last minute errands. I have a couple of friends who think flats are boring, but these rubber ballet flats from Melissa by Vivienne Westwood are anything but! The peephole in the front toe is on trend, the rubber material makes it durable, and the black button in the shape of wax seal makes them unique. A definite stunner in my book.

6. Gianfranco Ferre - Luigi: $325.00

Sunglasses are essential to brunch for three reasons: block out the sun while sitting outside, they allow you to covertly people watch, and if you are like me disguise your hangover. These are a bit different then your normal oversized sunnies, but I really love the way they bring this outfit together.

7. Jennifer Behr - Double Delicate Chain Link Headwrap in Gold: $68.00

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Behr's headbands. I have yet to come across a company that makes hairbands at their level but with the same balance of sophistication. I especially love this one because it can easily be paired with a messy bun and look pulled together.

8. VintageSparkles - Antique Sterling Victorian scroll Pocketwatch necklace: $225.00

I, personally, would wear this pocket-watch as a necklace. I already have one that I wear all the time but unfortunately there is no timepiece inside the casing. That never keeps people from constantly complimenting it and I am sure they would do the same as well for this amazing piece.

Well that is how I see dressing for brunch, what about you?


  1. Mimosas = awesome!

    That pocketwatch necklace is such an awesome accessory. Great finds here (love your blog)

  2. Thanks so much!

    If you like the pocketwatch you really should check out the other stuff being sold by VintageSparkles on Etsy.