Saturday, April 16, 2011

Going Beyond Organic: Green Makeup Solutions

So, as you all know I'm moving. Well, anyone of you that decided to pick back up reading when I decided to pick up writing again that is...

One of my major problems right now is getting rid of things that just don't quite come up to snuff for the move. Case in point, tons of makeup tins and tubes that didn't get to grace my pretty face until the point of extinction.

I'm kind of a crazy environmentalist, case in point I won't let my SO throw CDs in the trash. (They are recyclable and can be disposed of at your nearest Best Buy.) I'm the type of person who gets mad at my neighbors for not bringing their clothes in to the textile recycling program by Grow NYC. (I mean seriously they give you a tax donation and those clothes will probably never bio degrade!)

So, its no wonder that I would want to dispose of my war paint in a eco friendly manner. Turns out Origins will take any product regardless of "origin" to be recycled. Guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

Getting rid of these items will be tough, but the even better part is I will be able to stock up on new supplies on the way to Tokyo!

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